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Oreo Fruity Cake - English Version

안녕하세요 Anyeo~
Today I would like to share my "first time" - non-baked cake
to everyone...
Here is my cake that made with my elder sister ^.^

Materials at the following:
(6inch mold)
A: Biscuit Base:Digestive biscuit 100g,Butter 25g
B: Yellow Kiwi gelatin liquid:Kiwi (small slice), berry sugar 25g,gelatin powder 4small spoon
C: Mousse Cream:shortening 200g,Berry Sugar 35g,Kiwi (small slice), cherry (small slice)
D: Decoration:Shortening 50g,Berry Sugar 10g,Oreo crumb,Blue Berry,whipping cream, Apple & Orange

(a)Biscuit/Cookies Base:
1 Use rolling pin to crush the cookies/digestive biscuit.
2 Cut small slice of butter into pan, and make it melt by low flame heating.

3 those cookies/disgestive biscuits pour into pan with melted butter and mixed together
4 After that, those cooked cookies pour into cake mold and use cup pressed the cookies.

(B)Yellow Kiwi gelatin liquid:
1 Put Kiwi into Juice extractor and mixed with sugar

2 Using low flame to make it boiled (cook with stirring so as to stick with paste

3 Gelatin power mixed with Kiwi (liquid)
4、Stirring equality and place a side

(C)Making Kiwi Mousse

1 Stirring (speed fast) the shortening and sugar started become a cream. (Attention: must prepare a bowl and a plate. Bowl for stirring shortening and sugar; Put some ice into plate and put the bowl on the plate)

2 After shortening and sugar become cream, mixed with KIWI gelatin liquid (step B), and stirring equality & quickly by using scraper
3 Put Step B(2) into cake mold
4 Put into refrigerator up to 4 hours and more.

1-2 Shake whipping cream 8 - 9 times(please refrigerate 12 hours and more)
3 Use Pastry bag to make cream decoration。
4 Then, sprinkle some Oreo and blueberry on the top.
5 P/S: You can freezing the cake around 1 hour and put into refrigerate, then the taste will more nice

*P/S The last step picture I took from others as I didn't take photo...:P
Sorry to say my english not good actually, so hope u all understand what I write ^.^

For those don't like use biscuit base, you can use Sponge Cake instead of it. (you can buy sponge cake from market^.^)
Here is the sample :

Enjoy your baking time ^.^

Enjoy your baking ~
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